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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sharing of Apk Files on Whatsapp Made Easier

Share Apk files on Whatsapp

There has been restrictions on sending an Android App on Whatsapp lately. You can easily transfer documents, Pdfs, Music and even videos but transfer of Apk files has been disallowed. Why can we share documents and can't share apk files?  That's where the trick comes in.

Today I will be giving a tutorial on how to send an Android file format (Apk Files)  on Whatsapp. It's just simple brain arithmetic follow the below procedures.

How To Send Apk Files On Whatsapp 

  • Locate the Apk File you want to share 
  • Rename it to .doc from .apk with Es file explorer 
  • Now Open Whatsapp >>Locate the receiver>>Share the renamed apk file.
  • After the receiver completes the download >> Tell him to change the file format back to .apk and install

You have successfully shared an apk file right on Whatsapp without stress, is that not simple? So people still don't know how to do this. Do them a favour by sharing this tutorial on social media and don't forget to drop comments.

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