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Welcome to Nigernote!! Thanks for taking little of your time to visit our about page. Here you will know about Nigernote and Me.

Nigernote is a Blogger blog for Tech lovers and the general public at large. We provide various rich content on Mobile tricks, Free browsing, Technology, Rom porting, Imei tweaks and all Technology related content which could be useful to you.

Our blog content makes you to do the following;

  1. Get the latest Mobile Tricks.
  2. Be updated with the latest Free Browsing tips. 
  3. Get exclusive Rom Porting guide and Tips. 
  4. Be updated on the latest Imei Tweaks. 

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 Nigernote's main aim is to make Tech life of its users more easier than before. We care alot about your view, if there is anything you wanna tell us or complain to us, we value your feedback and we will be looking forward to hearing from you.

Know A Little About Me.

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The man behind Nigernote.

My name is Oyedeji Olawale Joshua A. k. A "Slim", I am the man behind  Nigernote and I'm from Ekiti State, Nigeria. I am 21years old and a part-time blogger. I came into the world of blogging back at 2014 and I must say, "blogging has been more interesting to me each day that passes".

I began my blogging journey from a Tech blog, called "Nigernote", in short this is my first blog. I realized that sharing what I have learned with others is cool, so I created this blog to help millions of people around the world to improve their Tech experience.

Talking about myself, I'm a very simple man who lives an easygoing life, very friendly and Social. I love making new friends. I'm studying CSE in the university. I finished my S.S.S at  Fabunmi Memorial High School . I really love to learn new things.

Apart from blogging, I love watching movies, reading novels, hanging out and playing game. You can get in touch with me on Facebook,Twitter and Google+

I'm always here to help you out in a way,  don't hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you within a day or two.

Stay tuned to Nigernote for the latest Tech News. 
©2014 NigerNote.

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